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6:00 PM Is It Reasonable to Believe in God?

University of Maryland

A lecture by Fr. Raymund Snyder, O.P. (Thomistic Institute)

6:00 PM

Juan Ramon Jimenez Room in The Stamp

This lecture is sponsored by the Thomistic Institute. 

This lecture is free and open to the public. 

Lecture Description:

Many people today think of faith and reason as two rival and contradictory activities—as though in order to be reasonable one needs to stop having faith. In contrast to this, the harmonious vision of Thomas Aquinas offers us a refreshing account of the reasonability of religious faith. Not only is it reasonable to believe in God, one can also know that God exists even by the use of reason alone. Understanding this can change the way believers and non-believers interact. Argument and discussion about the highest things should not be avoided but welcomed.

Speaker Bio:

Fr. Raymund Snyder, OP is the Director of Campus Programs and Evangelization for the Thomistic Institute. He studied philosophy and classics at the University of Notre Dame and entered the Order of Preachers in 2010. He holds a licentiate in philosophy from the Catholic University of America. His academic interests include metaphysics, natural Theology, Neoplatonism, angels, and the theology of grace.

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