summer programs


9th annual Summer philosophy workshop: 

Aquinas on Human Action and Virtue

June 19th-23rd, 2019


Each summer, together with the Catholic and Dominican Institute of Mount Saint Mary College and the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture, the Thomistic Institute sponsors a four-day workshop for students and lovers of philosophy. The conference takes place in Newburgh, NY on the campus of Mount Saint Mary College and features renowned presenters from prestigious universities around the world. Registration will be made available in January, 2019. 

2019 featured speakers:

James Brent (Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception), Steve Brock (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross), Edward Feser (Pasadena City College), Candace Vogler (University of Chicago) and Michael Sherwin (University of Fribourg).

 thomistic philosophy and natural science symposium:

june 26th-30th, 2019

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A symposium on modern science and Thomistic philosophy, this year’s theme will be on “Novelty in Nature” and will bring together expert scientists and philosophers to discuss the potential compatibility and mutual enrichment of the study of Aquinas' philosophy of nature and various forms of modern scientific knowledge in physics, biology, and chemistry, especially as they pertain to the phenomena of change and spontaneity in nature. This year’s symposium will also include lectures geared towards an introduction to Thomistic philosophy and the history of science.

Graduate students and advanced undergraduates in the sciences or philosophy who are interested in attending the symposium should submit an application, available through the link below:

Civitas Dei Summer fellowship: July 7th-12th, 2019

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The Civitas Dei Summer Fellowship (sponsored by the Thomistic Institute and the Institute for Human Ecology) supports rising scholars seeking to better understand the Catholic intellectual tradition.  This summer's program will examine the search for happiness as a fundamental end of the person and the polis. Applications will be accepted from graduate students and advanced undergraduates in all disciplines.

The week-long seminar will introduce students to foundational themes in philosophy, political theory, and theology, dealing with law, personhood, political life, and the search for happiness.  The focus will be an introduction to foundations of political and moral theory of Augustine, Aquinas, and modern constitutional jurisprudence. The program will include visits to institutions in Washington, DC, as well as encounters with outstanding Catholic public figures. The seminar is an excellent way to think theoretically about the intersection of political theory, moral principles, and practical engagement, in the heart of the nation’s capital.   

First Annual Student Leadership Conference: July 10 - July 14


This conference will gather students who will be Campus Chapter leaders in the 2019-2020 academic year, for a well rounded foundation in both speculative and practical aspects of running a Thomistic Institute Chapter. There will be ample time for learning more about Aquinas on faith, reason, and the spiritual life, as well as time for prayer, socializing, outings in Washington, D.C., and tips for making your Campus Chapter more successful.

Annual Conference for Priests: July 29- August 1 2019

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Each summer, the Thomistic Institute holds a conference for priests. The goal of the conference is to give ongoing formation for those engaged in ordained ministry, as well as an opportunity to meet  and enjoy the company of brother priests from across the country. Participants attend talks and take part in breakout sessions on pastoral issues, designed to give them the spiritual and intellectual tools to help them be the love of Christ to those in their care. 

The 2019 conference will be held in providence, RI July 29- August 1 on the theme of: “Evangelizing your Parish.” Click the link below for more information and access to the registration page.