Kristin Sweeney

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Kristin is a DMD candidate at Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Kristin is a DMD candidate at Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

How has your involvement with the Thomistic Institute impacted your life?

TI’s commitment to bringing truth and purpose to academia and to connecting individuals who are striving to find truth has given me hope and challenged me to grow in my faith during this intensely academic and career-oriented time of my life.

Are there any specific lectures or events that you found especially profitable? In what way?

The Fall Retreat has been formative for me both in 2017 and 2018. It is encouraging to meet other students who are also striving to serve God through their studies and careers despite the current culture pitting science against religion instead of the two complementing one another. Spending a weekend with these peers, receiving the sacraments, and being challenged by the philosophical discussions about my faith have helped me to grow intellectually and spiritually. This retreat has served as a religious reset for me during my time in Boston.

What was the best “TI moment” on your campus? For example, were there any especially popular events, or good conversations?

Driving to the retreat with a few classmates was perhaps the best “TI moment” for me. The pace of life here makes it especially tricky to carve out time for sharing our lives and faith stories, and stepping away with a mini-road trip to the retreat helped me to get to know some of my own classmates even better and has led to their support and encouragement in my faith since then.

Have any of the speakers been particularly impactful for you?

Fr. Nicanor‘s ability to simplify complex philosophical topics for his audience and to touch on concepts such as friendship or the meaning of life that are the core of academic medicine has impacted this community whether we are religious or not. These are important conversations to have as we are studying science – and Fr. Nicanor’s gift of combining science and faith has resonated with me.