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8:00 PM Why would a Biologist Believe in the Soul? Classical and Modern Approaches to Minds, Brains, and Souls

  • University of Maryland (map)

University of Maryland

Juan Ramon Jiminez at Adele H. Stamp Student Union

8:00 PM EST

A lecture by Dr. Jonathan Buttaci (Catholic University of America)

This lecture is sponsored by the Thomistic Institute and is free and open to the public.

Lecture Description:

Are you conflicted between science and religion, wondering if the two complement or contrast with one another? Do you find yourself questioning the existence of the human soul every now and then? If so, this may be the event for you! Please join us for a lecture discussing the role of science in the concept of the human soul. In this talk, Dr. Jonathon Butacci will take on classical and modern approaches to the mind, brain, and soul.

Speaker Bio:

Our guest speaker, Dr. Butacci, is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at The Catholic University of America.He came to CUA in 2016 after completing his PhD at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Buttaci’s research focuses on accounts of mind and the soul in ancient Greek thought, in particular Aristotle’s theory of knowledge, learning, and scientific discovery. He is also interested more generally in the interplay between ancient Greek science, philosophy, and literature.

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