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1:00 PM Human Freedom and Divine Grace

Yale University

WLH, Room 117

1:00 PM

A lecture  by Prof. Sarah Byers (Boston College)

This event is sponsored by the Thomistic Institute and is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. Registration is requested.

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Human beings naturally have the power of free choice, but deeply ingrained habits case us to choose in accord with our habits.  So how can we ever break out of old habits and form new ones?  According to Augustine, the answer to this is: divine grace.  God must give us the idea or suggestion of acting well, and also the effective decision to change our lifestyle.  But then how are human beings free in self-improvement?

Sarah Byers has mainly written on Augustine and Hellenistic philosophy. Her work focuses on the reception of Stoicism in Augustine and in other early Christian figures, but she also works on Plotinus, Apuleius and Victorinus in relation to Augustine.