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5:30 PM | Human Freedom and Divine Grace

  • University of Toronto (map)

University of Toronto
Senior Common Room, Brennan Hall|
(The entrance is located through Scollard Park, which is the courtyard to the left of St. Basil’s Church.)

A lecture by Prof. Sarah Byers (Boston College)

5:30 PM

This event is cosponsored by the McDonald Agape Foundation: Encouraging Distinguished Scholars for Christ™ and the Thomistic Institute.

Event Description:

Human beings naturally have the power of free choice, but mental habits can cause us to choose in determined ways.  So how can we break out of deep bad habits to form new and better ones?  “Divine grace” is the answer given by Augustine and the authors of the Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation.  Which of these authors has the most persuasive theory about the relation of grace to human free will?