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4:00 PM | Tolkien's Perilous Beauty

Baylor University
Alexander Reading Room

A lecture by Prof. David O’Connor (University of Notre Dame)

4:00 PM

Reception to follow lecture. Free and option to the public.

About the Speaker:

David K. O’Connor is a faculty member in the departments of Philosophy and of Classics at the University of Notre Dame. His teaching and writing focus on ancient philosophy, aesthetics, ethics and politics, and philosophy of religion. Dr. O’Connor is an acclaimed teacher and lecturer. His online lectures on love and sexuality have reached a wide international audience, and are the basis of his two recent books, Love is Barefoot Philosophy (in Chinese translation, 2014) and Plato’s Bedroom: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Love(2015). He has also published extensively on the relation between philosophy, art, and literature, in both the ancient and the modern world.