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"Philosophical Realism and the Existence of God" - Fall Intellectual Retreat

  • St. Edmund's Retreat 1 Ender's Island Mystic, CT 06355 USA (map)

St. Edmund's Retreat

Mystic, CT

Friday, October 5th - Monday, October 8th (Columbus Day)

Fr. James Brent, O.P. - Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception

Professor Michael Gorman - The Catholic University of America

Conference Titles: 1. Beyond Scientism and Physicalism - The Wisdom of Thomas Aquinas; 2. Metaphysics I - Being; 3. Metaphysics II - Causality; 4. Metaphysics III - Goodness; 5. The Existence of God; 6. The Names of God; 7. The Providence of God

Description: Drawing from Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas maintained that the least knowledge of the highest things brings the greatest joy. What exactly are the highest things? God and the things of God.  To contemplate and savor the truth of the highest reality—this delights our minds, this is the bold challenge undertaken by would-be scholar-saints.

Yet today, a clear thinker is hard to find. The space to have rational discussions and the common ground on which to have them are shrinking. Many people experience difficulty in contemplating and speaking about the highest things—even the least bit to those closest to them.

And so before one can propose to freely contemplate the ultimate reality, time must be spent on realism. This retreat is designed to clear the way for rational discourse, to tease out and purify some popular worldviews. What are the underlying presuppositions that stunt our conversations? How does one begin to speak of God and the things of God? How does one contemplate the highest things and find joy?

Join us as we explore these questions with the perennial wisdom of Thomas Aquinas in a retreat environment. This “intellectual retreat” will have seminars and discussions and yet be framed by the traditional elements of a retreat (Mass, adoration, Divine Office, etc.).

Registration: This event is primarily for the leaders of Thomistic Institute student chapters, but is open to other students and young adults who express interest. Email Fr. Gregory Pine at to register.

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