Please read the following carefully:

The submission of this Statement of Commitment finalizes my registration for a reserved spot at the Civitas Dei Summer Fellowship, co-sponsored by the Thomistic Institute and the Institute for Human Ecology. The TI and the IHE are committed to stewardship. If after accepting the Fellowship, I decline, it will cause significant financial difficulty for the TI and the IHE. If I do not inform the IHE and the TI by e-mail of my cancellation by 4:00 PM (EDT) on May 15, 2019, I agree to pay a $250 cancellation fee to help defray the cost incurred.

Furthermore, I hereby authorize the TI, the IHE, or their designee to photograph and/or record (including audio, video, etc.), and to later use for its non-profit purposes, my involvement in all aspects of this fellowship. This authorization is granted with the understanding that the TI and the IHE will assert a copyright, but not deprive me of any other rights I may have in the material presented.

IMPORTANT: Transportation to Washington, DC (please read carefully):

Up to $700 of each out-of town participant's transportation to Washington may be reimbursed. (Participants must fly "coach" and make plane reservations by June 1.) Original itemized receipts for travel are required in order to submit the paperwork necessary for reimbursement. We will not reimburse travel costs without documentation. Additionally, each participant who submits receipts for reimbursement is required to file a Catholic University vendor application (made available after this form is submitted).

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