"Nothing is too Complex for the Wisdom of God"

Looking for Christmas gifts for friends or family who like theology? Cluny Media is out with a new release: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit by John of St. Thomas, a classic commentator on St. Thomas Aquinas. Fr. Romanus Cessario, OP has said of this book that it "explodes a rule-dominated view of Catholic morality." The work comes with an introduction by Fr. Cajetan Cuddy, OP, which you can read an excerpt of here.


From the 2016 Introduction to John of St. Thomas, The Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Cluny Media, 2016)

"Complexity characterizes the modern world. When we consider the moral, political, social, technological, or psychological spheres of society, each manifests a lack of simplicity. Life in the twenty-first century is convoluted. Complex.

For the Christian, these complexities give rise to certain debilitating uncertainties about how one ought to live out the Christian faith in our contemporary period. Perhaps it is impossible to maintain the doctrinal teaching of the Church in the age of advanced science and technology. Perhaps the social conditions of our cultures have changed so radically that it is now foolish (or impossible) to follow the moral teaching of the Church in all of its robust fullness. Perhaps the modern age requires doctrinal and moral adjustment. If, however, the full integrity of Catholic doctrine and practice remain perennially valid and, indeed, necessary for human happiness, we face the question: How can we think and live as authentic Catholics in such a complex world?

Here the gifts of the Holy Spirit emerge as vitally important. As we will discover in the following pages, the gifts of the Holy Spirit bring the all-powerful simplicity of God’s ordering wisdom and love to the complexities of our concrete human experience and situation. Nothing is too complex for the wisdom of God….

Why this book? We need this book now because now, more than ever, we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the wisdom of Saint Thomas Aquinas, and figures like John of Saint Thomas.

All of those who stand unafraid of modern complexities and desire wise guidance in their pursuit of the truth should read this book.

Let us turn now to the gifts of the Holy Spirit with Saint Thomas and his John."


We hope you will consider buying this classic text, and otherwise shopping at Cluny this season. The Thomistic Institute has collaborated with Cluny on several excellent books, including From the Eucharist to the Trinity by Marie Vincent Bernadot, OP and Prayer and Intelligence and Selected Essays by Jacques and Raïssa Maritain. You can find the full list of those titles here.