First Annual Thomistic Student Gathering: Homilies and Talks

From February 9-12th, 2017 the Thomistic Institute held its first annual student gathering on the subject of "Aquinas on the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit." Students braved the snowy weather to come to Bloomfield, CT to hear talks by Prof. Eleonore Stump and Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP, as well as to partake in the other activities of the gathering. Below are the texts of the homilies from the event, and recordings of the lectures given by Prof. Stump and Fr. White. 

Homily for Thursday, Feb. 9th -Fr. Raymund Snyder, OP

"Introduction to Mental Prayer" -Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP (Text here)

“‘I Believe in the Holy Spirit’: Aquinas on the Holy Spirit as God and as Uncreated Love” -Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP

“Aquinas on the Mission of the Holy Spirit who Reveals the Son and the Father” - Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP

Homily for Friday, Feb. 10th -Fr. Dominic Langevin, OP

“The Non-Aristotelian Character of Thomistic Ethics” -Prof. Eleonore Stump

“The Seven Deadly Sins” -Prof. Eleonore Stump

“The Seven Cardinal Virtues and the Indwelling Holy Spirit” -Prof. Eleonore Stump

Homily for Saturday, Feb. 11th by Fr. Raymund Synder, OP

“The Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit” -Prof. Eleonore Stump

“Aquinas on the Holy Spirit in the Life of Jesus: The Transfiguration and the Cross” -Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP

“The Holy Spirit in the Church and the Eucharist” - Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP

Homily for Sunday, Feb. 12th by Fr. Dominic Langevin